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Studio Deluxe Pro Series, Front Loading

Studio Pro Series
Studio Deluxe 18/12 with Optional High Limit System #1

Even at first glance, Bailey Downdraft All-Brick Gas Kilns exude a sense of solidity. Bailey Kilns are massive, built from heavy tubular and structural steel. Take a closer look, and you are immediately impressed by a multitude of outstanding innovative features.

Comparing Studio Deluxe with Production Kilns
Studio Deluxe front loading kilns range in sizes from 8 to 31 cubic feet of stacking space. The Production front loading kilns range from 28 to 40 cubic feet of stacking space. Both Deluxe and Production kilns utilize the same Double Skin Ventilated Frame construction with stainless chimneys and vary only in their respective insulation profiles.

The Deluxe models have 4½” of insulating firebrick in the walls, floor and arch. This insulating profile is ideal for the small to medium range of kiln because it offers an economical firing, and a cool cycle that allows a reasonable turn around time. There would be no benefit to add insulation to this range for typical stoneware firings.

The Production models have 6” of insulating firebrick in the walls and 6¾” in the arch. This insulating profile is ideal for medium to large kilns. The increase in insulation thickness is more in ratio to the thermal mass that is being fired. This is a more practical kiln for firing sculpture where the operator intends to fire longer schedules than the typical stoneware firings.

Double-Skin Ventilated Frame

Typically, gas kilns get extremely hot on the exterior surfaces. With the increasing risk of litigation, insurance companies are becoming more stringent regarding safety regulations. To reduce the risk of burns, Bailey Corporation developed the Double-Skin Ventilated Frame. With the Double-Skin, an air space is provided between the hot refractory bricks and the exterior sheet metal. Air can circulate through this air space, providing an exterior skin temperature (over the vast majority of the kiln) that can be touched without causing harm.

This same Double-Skin technique also provides the most efficient means of removing residual fumes (such as carbon) that can leach through the kiln wall during the reduction firing process. The fumes are contained as they travel in this shielded area to the top of the kiln. With the addition of the (optional) Residual Fume Hood, fumes are collected and removed immediately.

Safety Systems
Our standard 100% flame safety system provided on models with 12 to 40 cu ft of stacking space is a “Base” style safety valve. This system uses a thermocouple and pilot burner to prove flame presence prior to main burner combustion. All safety valves used are AGA approved.

How to Purchase Front Loading Gas Kilns
NOTICE: Because we feel that purchasing a kiln and options is an important decision for your business or school and we can offer much insight and advice to the process, we do not allow our kilns to be ordered on-line. We would prefer that you call our advisor staff and be assured the best engineered system for your specific application. There are many options available to customize your purchase.

Bailey Front Loading Deluxe & Pro Gas Kiln Specifications
The chart below lists some of our most popular sizes. We regularly alter our kilns to meet the specific needs of our customers. From an 8 cu. ft. front loading Studio Deluxe to a 40 cu. ft. Pro, we can build to whatever specifications you require. Call 1-800-304-6185 for a quotation.

DELUXE & PRO Front Loading Gas Kiln Specifications



Stack Space (cu. ft.)

Inside Dimen. WxDxH"

Total Inside Volume

Outside Dimen. WxDxH"

Stacking Area WxDxH"

Wall, Arch Brick



Approx. Gas Inlet

Studio Deluxe Front Loading Kilns


Studio Deluxe FL 13/8


27 x 22.5 x 38.5 h


46.5 x 58 x 63 h

20 x 20 x 33


132,000 120 CFH


N=1" LP=3/8"


Studio Deluxe FL 18/12


31.5 x 27 x 41.5 h


46.5 x 62 x 65.5 h

24 x 25 x 36


132,000 120 CFH


N=1" LP=3/8"


Studio Deluxe FL 24/16


31.5 x 36 x 41.5 h


46.5 x 70 x 65.5 h

24 x 33 x 36


187,000 170 CFH


N=1¼" LP=1/2’


Studio Deluxe FL 28/18


31.5 x 40 x 41.5 h


46.5 x 75 x 65.5 h

24 x 38 x 36


220,000 200 CFH


N=1¼" LP=1/2’


Studio Deluxe FL 18-c


40.5 x 36 x 46 h


56 x 70 x 70.5 h

30 x 28 x 41


220,000 200 CFH


N=1¼" LP=1/2’


Studio Deluxe FL 34/22


31.5 x 40.5 x 49 h


46.5 x 75 x 73 h

24 x 38 x 43.5


250,000 227 CFH


N=1¼’ LP=5/8"


Studio Deluxe FL 38/24


45 x 36 x 41.5 h


60 x 71 x 69 h

36 x 34 x 36


330,000 300 CFH


N=1¼" LP=5/8"


Studio Deluxe FL 48/31


45 x 36 x 51 h


60 x 71 x 79 h

36 x 34 x 45


330,000 300 CFH


N=1¼" LP=5/8"

Pro Front Loading Kilns


Production FL 28


49.5 x 36 x 46


67.5 x 76 x 77

40 x 32 x 41

6", 6 ¾"

248,000 236 CFH


N=1¼" LP=5/8"


Production FL 32


49.5 x 40 x 46


67.5 x 80 x 77

38 x 36 x 41

6", 6 ¾"

330,000 300 CFH


N=1¼" LP=3/4"


Production FL 40


49.5 x 40 x 54


67.5 x 80 x 88

38 x 36 x 49

6", 6 ¾"

350,000 316 CFH


N=1¼" LP=3/4"

Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult with a Bailey representative before installing gas lines, building a kiln site, or any other preparatory stages in installing a kiln.

Cone 10 High Alumina Furniture Kits

High Alumina Furniture Kits

Studio 13/8

Studio 18/12

Studio 24/16

Studio 28/18

Studio 18-C

Studio 34/22

Studio 38/24

Studio 48/31

Pro 28

Pro 32

Pro 40

Shelf Sizes & Quantities

10 x 20

12 x 24

12 x 24 & (5)
18 X 24

12 x 24 or (10) 18 x 24

14 x 28

12 x 24 or (12) 18 x 24

16 x 18

(28) 16 x 18

(20) 16 x 20

18 x 18

18 x 18

Post Assortments

(6) ea. of: 2,4,5,

(6) ea. of: 2,4,6

(9) ea. 1,2,3,

(9) ea. 1,2,3,4,

(6) ea. of: 2,4,6,

(9) ea. 1,2,3,4,

(18) 2,4,6
(9) ea. 7,8,9,10

(18) 2,4,6
(9) ea. 7,8,9,10

(10) ea. 1,2,3,

(18) 2,4,6
(9) ea. 7,8,9,10

(18) 2,4,6
(9) ea. 7,8,9,10

All Front Loading Kilns require one crate for shipment. There is a charge for crating.

Optional Accessories

Before you place an order, use this list to determine what accessories that you might require. Our staff will assist you in this process.

• Venting

• U.V. Safety Systems

• Kiln Furniture

• Crating

• Combustion Hood

• Residual Hood

• Oxygen Analyzer

• Digital Pyrometers

• Scissors Track

• High Limit Controller

• Detachable Chimney

• Replacement Thermocouple

• 2nd Stage Gas Regulator


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