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6108 Walnut Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Mn

6109 Deep Brown Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Al

6121 Saturn Orange Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Al

6124 Chocolate Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Mn

6126 Hazelnut Brown Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Al

6129 Golden Ambrosia Composition  Cr, Fe, Zn, Al

6131 Titanium Iron Composition  Ti, Fe

6134 Red Brown Composition  Cr, Mn, Fe

6190 Deep Brown Composition  Cr, Mn, Fe

6200 Evergreen Composition  Cr, Co, Si

6201 Celadon Composition  Cr, Co, Zn, Al, Si

6202 Florentine Composition  Cr, Co, Si

6204 Victoria Green Composition  Cr, Ca, Si, Zr

6211 Pea Green Composition  Zr, V, Sn

6219 French Green Composition  Cr, Co, Zn, Ca, Zr, Si

6224 Dark Green Composition  Cr, Co, Zn, Si, Fe

6226 Dark Leaf Composition  Cr, Co, Zn, Si, Fe

6236 Chartreuse Composition  Zr, V, Sn

6242 Bermuda Green Composition  Pr, Si, V, Zr

6265 Leaf Green Composition  Cr, Co, Zn, Ca, Si, Zr

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Tucker's Pottery Supplies, Inc.

15 West Pearce Street Unit #7
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4B 1H6

Phone: 905-889-7705
Fax: 905-889-7707

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Earthenware Paper Clay Stoneware Porcelain Raku Clay Casting Slips Self Hard Clay


Cone Art Kilns Bailey's Gas Kilns Front Loading Electric Kilns Cone Art Replacement Elements Kiln Furniture Cone Art Kilns Accessories Kiln Fume Vents Cone Art Replacement Parts Miscellaneous Kiln Elements Kiln Repair


Shimpo Skutt/Thomas Stuart Bailey Brent


Shimpo Pugmills Peter Pugger Mixer/Pugmills

Glazes & Underglazes

Amaco Cone 6 Celadon Glazes Potter's Choice Glazes‏ Spectrum Cone 05 Metallic Glazes Custom Glaze Mixing Tucker’s Cone 6 Glazes Tucker's Low Fire Cone 06-04 Glazes Tucker's Raku Glazes Spectrum Underglazes Spectrum One-Strokes Spectrum Glazes Cone 05-04 Spectrum Raku Glazes Spectrum Cone 6 Glazes Amaco Velvets Glaze Cal Spectrum Underglaze Pens Spectrum Cone 4/6 Ash Glazes

Studio Equipment

Slabrollers Extruders Spray Booths Wooden Drape Moulds Creative Industry Stools Shimpo Adjustable Stools Dirty Girls Bat system Giffin Grip Creative Industry Plastic Bats Wood Bats Turntables Talisman Sieves Cole Sieves Glaze Mixers Scales Tile Cutters Ware Racks Gleco Clay Trap Critter Spray Gun Debcor Ceramic Furniture Bailey Quick-Trim II TM Bat

Tools, Brushes & Sponges

Texture Sphere Xiem Tools Brushes Kemper Tools Dirty Girls Tools Van Gilder Tools Mud Tools by Michael Sherrill Ultimate Edger Sponges Cookie Cutters Echo Ceramics Clay Apron AccuAngle Groovy Tools Trimming Tools Adjustable clay cutters Extruders

Decorating & Finishing

Xiem Tools Tucker's Slip Trailers Underglaze Ceramic Pencils Underglaze Crayons Lusters and Liquid Metals Cane Handles Accessories - Pate Knives, Spoons, etc. Brushes MKM Stamps MKM Rollers Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes

Raw Materials

Ceramic Ingredients Liquid Ingredients and Aids Dry Clays Frits Mason Stains Spectrum Ceramic Stains

Studio Supplies

Bisqued Tiles Cones Cone Plaques I.T.C. Products Bats Wonder Bats

Health and Safety

Masks and Gloves Kiln Vents


Amaco Cone 6 Celadon Glazes Spectrum Cone 05 Metallic Glazes Dirty Girls Bat system Ware Racks Xiem Tools Texture Sphere